Friday, September 6, 2013

7 QT Friday - We're Two Weeks In and Loving It!

Happy Friday, Friends!! Since many of you have so kindly inquired about how our family is doing after moving a couple of weeks ago to a small community three hours east of the farm, I thought I would dedicate today's post to you!

7 Newfound Blessings:

1. Bike Riding
When we lived on the farm, our homestead was surrounded by gravel roads.  Needless to say, the boys spent very little time crunching through the grit on their bicycles.  Now that our nest is perched in town (for now), they are taking every opportunity to hit the pavement.  Last week, during morning recess, I let them go out for a quick spin.  They came home, out of breath, and informed me that they had been STOPPED BY THE POLICE!! Of course I overreacted:
Did one of you go tinkle in the alley? You know you can't do that in town!
Did one of you hit a parked car? Sneak up and scare a senior? Make a  trail of skid marks on the pristine sidewalks??
After the interrogation, they informed me that the officer wanted to know why they weren't in school. Oh, whew! Thank goodness it was just that. Beginning the school year with a phone call to the police department for a little chit-chat over the details of homeschool life is always super-fun!

2. We Have a Basement!
This may seem like a very ordinary thing, but after living for three years in a trailer house without a basement, that beloved spot where mommy would often dream of sending 5 energetic boys for some rough-housing, it's kind of a big deal to finally have one.  They love having space to play, and I love being able to cook in the kitchen without a Lego assault on my feet.

3.  Friends
The "Wine Wednesdays" gang! Cheers!
With every move that we've made, one of the difficult changes for all of us has been the process of making new friends.  With this move, Steve and I are truly overwhelmed with just how generous, outgoing and friendly our new community is. They have reached out with offers to help us move in, invited us to birthday parties and BBQ's and approached us everywhere from the gas station to church, introducing themselves and welcoming us to their community.  We are learning every day what a special place this is - and it's all because of the people!

4.  Cultural Experiences
As much as I love, love, love the fact that our boys are farm boys at heart, there is an undeniable part of me that also desires for them to be well-rounded young men.  It is my hope that they will appreciate music, theatre, art, travel and the beauty of nature in addition to all of the things they are interested in now, namely sports and farming.  Now that we live closer to these opportunities, I'm giddy with excitement just thinking about taking them to musicals and museums, concerts and other cultural experiences!
 Charlie's new kanga buddies! 
 George with his cousin, Bri, feeding the Lemurs!
Why, yes, we are petting a giraffe!
We made our first outing last weekend to Tanganyika, a beautiful wildlife park just a few miles from our home.  The boys absolutely loved it!

5.  They're Just a Walk Away
When we first talked about the possibility of moving, buying a house in town wasn't a part of our original plan, but it's where life has taken us for now.  We're still seeking the country, and are keeping our sights open for that perfect piece of land on which we can build our farm. But, I have to admit, there are many unexpected conveniences - pleasures even - of living in town.  We are within walking distance to the church, sports practices, the local cafe, barber, post office and special beverage store (a perfect way to end a Friday afternoon wagon ride to the park! *wink*).

6.  Fresh Running Scenery
Who is this kid and why is he chasing me??
George joins me for a few sprints on the football field!
Over the past few years, I really have learned to love the wide open spaces of Southwest Kansas. You'll never see a more beautiful sunset anywhere else, and the night sky, unobscured by city lights and tree limbs, is absolutely magnificent.  But, I have missed, very much, the rolling hills, lush pasture and abundance of trees that this part of our state offers, and I'm enjoying all of these visions of nature out on my daily runs.

7.  St. Joseph's Catholic School
You can't imagine just how much Steve and I have appreciated the kind and supportive words that so many of you have offered to us with regards to sending our son, Ben, to school.  The transition has definitely been more difficult for me than for Benedict! Thankfully, he is doing great.  He is making friends, figuring out the whole "non-homeschool" system, and he really enjoys all of his teachers.  His only complaint is having to wear a uniform to school, which of course he peels out of within seconds of being home.  Then, it's time to tackle his brothers and the homework, snarf down some supper and head to football practice. He's really growing up - boy I wish there was something I could do about that!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. #1 just about gave me a panic attack! We live in suburbia with smushed together houses and elderly neighbors who do not understand homeschooling. I am very nervous about letting the kids go outside during school hours, especially farther than our yard. I would give up bike-riding pavement for a little freedom in that regard!

    I'm so happy that your move has gone so well and that your community has been so lovely to you. :) God is good!

  2. So glad to hear you are doing well! I eat up these kind of posts...esp since we may be on the same adventure someday ;)

  3. I'm so glad that the move has been good for you and the family. I grew up very...very rural and through whatever means we live just outside of town; very close to school and stores and other stuff. There is something to be said for those advantages. I still long for the things I knew but many more things were offered the kids where we are now. I'm glad you have a basement...there's alot to be said for that!

    Good family, good friends, and good food...God is Good!

  4. Love this Susan! So glad you are loving where you are. It seems to be a good community, which is such a blessing. And I am happy all is well with Ben and school. We often think of sending the boys to school and it is good to hear of kids, and families, that have had good transitions!

    And a basement . . . . I would LOVE to have a basement! That and a mud room!

  5. Um, Tanganyika....St. Joseph's? You ARE here! I have lots of friends teaching at St. Joe's. Our Catholic school system ROCKS here. Welcome! I love your blog.

  6. So glad that this has been such a great move and that the adjustment has been so awesome. I'm glad that y'all ae meeting people - especially the kind of people who like wine Wednesday!!!

  7. It is good news to hear that everything is coming together for your family!

  8. I had no doubt your positive attitude would serve you well in your big move. I'm glad the transition has been a good one, and that you all are finding such wonderful things in your new community. A welcoming community is a blessing, indeed.


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