Friday, September 20, 2013

7 QT Friday ~ Mary on the Donkey & Other Fine Tidbits

Is there an expiration date on the excuse "we just moved and I'm still unpacking" know the one I've been using for about three weeks now as explanation for why I'm not blogging? Until someone lets me know that I need to come up with a new one, I'm sticking to it.  Here's my 7 Quick Takes for the week:

  Cha-laarrrlie's Cha-locolit
One of these days I'm going to follow Charlie around with a video camera so that I can catch a few clips of his two-year old verbiage.  The boys are completely taken with his cuteness as he toddles around, mirroring all of their actions and trying to join in on big boy conversations with his sweet expressions. Earlier this week, he began referring to things as his own, confidently articulating his name, Cha-larlie (heavy emphasis on the ar).   Last night it was, "That's Cha-larlie's Cha-locolate!"

Danger Zone
Before we begin school each day I give the boys about five minutes to shake out their squirreliness by doing some calisthenics to their choice of jams.  This week, they were all about "Danger Zone" from Top Gun (should I even admit that we have that in our music library?).  Steve and I were cracking up over how serious they can get about doing push ups. I think there's something about the song that unleashes the inner beast. Even Cha-larlie was gettin' with it!

Terra Mediterranean Chips
I saw these chips staring back at me during my twilight grocery run the other night and thought I'd rescue them from the shelf.  When I got home, Steve broke open the bag, and (to my surprise) couldn't believe how good they tasted.  I didn't tell him they were vegetable chips.  If you throw enough fat and salt on a parsnip it magically turns into a potato-chippy tasting thingy. Get some.

Praying for Strangers
Shortly after my engagement to Steve, I was sharing with a very wise priest, during spiritual direction, my enthusiasm over being engaged mingled with the sadness I felt over letting go of my long-held dream of doing mission work overseas.  He encouraged me to live that dream in a different way, by praying every day for those who have no one to pray for them.  When I came across this quote this week, I was reminded of that conversation, and renewed my "missionary" intentions.

Mary on the Donkey
Every mama needs a mantra. Or, two or three. Some days, before the bottle is uncorked or the run is ran it is the means by which I avoid the very near occasion of losing-my-sanity sin. When I feel my temperature rising, I say to myself over and over, "Lord, make me sweet." Or, when I'm super frustrated it's "Lord, make me a saint."  The kids are catching on to my strategy.  The other day, not realizing I had an audience, in a moment of supreme anxiety, I slung out a slew of repetitive shitz. Andrew came over to the dark side, and with a "gotcha!" grin reminded me, "Mom, it's Lord, make me a saint, remember??" {Who needs a conscience when you have a 10 year old saint lurking around??}

But, my all time favorite mantra has to be Mary on the donkey. This one is the focus boss.  It's helped ease my inclination towards complaining and self pity during pregnancies, moving, teaching, sleepless nights, endless days of laundry and cleaning etc., etc. Which one of us has been 9 months preggo, in a dress, carrying the world's saviour (no pressure there) on the back of a bony donkey for 70 miles?


That's right, not you, not me.  Join my mantra movement, and let me know if it helps!

Muscle Shirts
The great thing about having boys is that you don't have to worry (too much) about fashion trends. As long as there's jeans, t-shirts and athletic wear in their drawers, you're good to go.  At least that's what I thought until yesterday when the boys decided it would be cool to sneak my scissors out of the kitchen and get all Project Runway with their shirts.  In case you didn't get the memo, homemade muscle t's, extra jagged, are in.

For many reasons, fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  Football has a lot to do with that, not because I know a lot about the game, but because I love to watch our boys play, I love the fall weather, the food, the intensity, the spirit and getting together with friends to cheer on the Cats. Ben and Andrew's teams are both 2-0, and I have 96 pictures (so far) to prove it.  I will be blogging on that!

Have a great weekend, friends!!


  1. Some fun things today!! Love the cuteness of a 2-year old!! And nice work on the push-ups for the boys - I'm sure the homemade muscle shirts help!!
    I'm totally going to remember to say (or think) - Mary on the Donkey - what a powerful thought and way to make my issues seem very trivial!! And when my boys hear me say a cuss word they say - soap (even though I've never put soap in their mouths) - it's kind of a joke now because sometimes they can tell that I'm just thinking something I shouldn't be.

  2. I hope I remember to use the "Mary on the donkey" trick. That's a good one!

  3. Oh I love #5 for so many reasons. I am going to have to use "Lord make me a saint!" Perfect.

    Also, that boy of yours to remind you? What a little saint you have there too ;)

  4. I would love to know what lens you use for your sports pics. They always look fantastic. And, um, I could totally benefit from the "Lord make me a saint." Le sigh. Have an awesome weekend, Susan!

  5. How sweet your boys are and the little one, oh what a cutie. I love the football pics. Our high school team mascot is the Cougar and our colors are green and gold. Sorta neat!


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