Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Puke on Me I'll Still Love You & Theme Thursday

This post is coming to you in two parts.
Part I : Barf Bug Epiphany
Part II:  Theme Thursday "Boys" - Linking up with Clan Donaldson
Part I: Barf Bug Epiphany
With the ushering in of Spring, I was hoping that the flu bug might have skeedaddled for a few months, but since there was snow on the ground this morning, it looks like it might be hanging around for a while.  I should have known.  We're usually pretty lucky when it comes to dodging sickness, but unfortunately last week we got hit, and the tummy bug has cycled through everyone in the family except for me (knock on wood).

Last week, Charlie, woke up holding his tummy expressing in the most pitiful toddler  cry, "Owee, Mommy."  After cleaning up remnants of breakfast and setting the other boys up with their school work, all of my attention was focused on wee Charlie.  Just as I was heading down the hall, I could hear him cry out to me again, so I came running, hoping to scoop him up off of the carpet before any damage could be done.  As I bent down to pick him up - you got it - he puked all over...all over me.  

Reactions from the brothers went from, "Oh, no Charlie, are you okay?" to "That's disgusting!" Benedict, our oldest, in the most tactful way gave me the damage report:  
"Mom, it's in your hair, and on your sleeve." Pause 
"It's running down your pant leg now."  Pause
"I think it's going to get on your shoe, Mom."  Pause
Thank you for that play-by-play, son.  

After I got Charlie clean and settled, the boys gathered around to see if I was okay (so sweet).  When I told them it wasn't a big deal, that each one of them has puked on me at one time or another, they absolutely couldn't believe it.  The pre-teen was horrified (Whaaat?? I've barfed on my mother??), the 5 year old thought it was hilarious (awesome!!).  

Given the variety of reactions, I thought an explanation might be necessary.  I explained to them that a mother loves her children so deeply that when they are sick or suffering, she will do anything for them.  She longs to take away their hurts and can no longer think of herself (despite being puked on), but only the love for and care of her precious child.  

I am not kidding when I say that at that very moment, my boys thought I was the queen of the universe.  The looks of love and admiration in their eyes far surpassed the ones I see when buy them donuts, or cancel school.  It was as if their little hearts knew how much I really do love them. All because of a little puke. I  know, I'm as surprised as you are.

Warm Fuzzies?? Grossed Out?? New Topic??...

Part II: Theme Thursday with Clan Donaldson

Linking up with Clan Donaldson's "Theme Thursday" this week kind of relates to part 1, but not really.  The link up has nothing to do with puke (hallelujah), but everything to do with boys (love), and when I heard that "boys" was the theme for this week's photo challenge, I was giddy with delight!!

I am crazy about my boys!! They are amazing!! Typically, when I go anywhere with all of them (which is everywhere all of the time), people who approach me for a little "chat" are usually seeking answers to questions such as do you know how babies are made, how do you feel about overpopulation, are you done having kids or what?? And  (my favorite) oh, so you don't work??....
*refrain from eye roll*
*acid reflux engaged*

Most of the time, I can find a calm spot in my soul from which to engage in a charitable conversation, going on and on about the beauty of family life and the privileges of motherhood and other times, I find that I've left the virtue button on isle 9 with the tantrums. People, please, don't make me take you to school! (If anyone happens to find An Idiot's Guide to Tactful Conversation or How to Talk to the Mama of a Big Family for Dummies, in pocket version, please message me. Pronto.)

So, on to the pics....
Over the years I have taken thous-zands of pics of my mini-men.  How to choose???????????????

I wanted to pick out something that captured the best of brotherhood, and remembered a time
last summer when all of the boys were running around barefoot outside. Delighting in their innocence,  I started thinking about how I have tickled and kissed all 50 of their toes, and all 10 of their feet, and knew I needed to capture my memory in a pic.  I threw down a quilt, squished them together and snapped the camera as quickly as possible hoping to catch something remotely good....
{Original image, cropped} 
Of course, none of the shots turned out posed and picture perfect.
But, all of the teasing and wiggling gave the photos life.
 Here is the same photo softened, exposure heightened with a touch of sepia.
 Original footsie photo with color saturation increased.
Footsie photo softened with an antique overlay.
I think there's room for more!!  Don't you??
{No, unfortunately, that's not an announcement.}



  1. I have one photo of the four oldest kids' bare feet, and I love it. I really need to take a new one. It will be hilarious to see my 14 year olds size 14 feet next to the youngest's toddler toes.

    1. Oh my, size 14!! My boys feet grow so fast, they will be right up there any day now!

  2. Oh, and I'm praying you don't get hit with that nasty bug, too. Ew. Such a beautiful mom you are, who can even turn puke into a loving, teachable moment. :)

  3. Gorgeous boys, gorgeous pic, gorgeous edits. I *only* have four boys and I get all those comments. I try and remember that people are just trying to engage in conversation, but they truly don't understand how it does make one self conscious, especially for a shy lady like me.

    1. I agree, most people are just trying to make conversation, but in this day an dage of social media influence on cultural "norms", I tend to believe that people also think that it's their right to know everything about everyone, and that there is no boundaries, no modesty and no discretion in conversation, which makes me sad.

  4. Love your part 1 story of barf. Absolutely spot on about what it is to be a mother. Great pics. =)

  5. Your boys are so gorgeous. I really love the photos you took. I also always enjoy reading your thoughts on parenting,

    But this made me laugh so hard, so it's my favorite: People, please! Don't make me take you to school! :)

    1. It's always a good day when you can laugh at life, isn't it?? Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. What a cute shot of your boys!!! They are so lucky to have each other!

  7. Your kids are just gorgeous! The look on the little one's face is priceless.

  8. Oh man, that bug hit our house a month or so ago!! I managed to avoid it, but the kiddos and hubby were down for the count. It was miserable taking care of just the three - I am in awe of you taking care of double that! Way to go! I love the feet photos, and the not-posed photo. Life isn't always posed. Photos like that tell a bigger story. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  9. I am sooo glad there are moms out there like you that are raising boys in the love of Christ. I can remind my girls that there really are good boys to wait for. My son can see that there are boys his generation that can be great friends.

    I think it is the candid photos that we use the most to help us remember the true feelings of the past. Some day, some one might need that reminder.


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