Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes ~ Rumors That It's Spring Might Be True

Despite the fact that today is April 5th, Mother Nature seems to be stuck in February.  C'mon, woman, get it together! Yesterday we finally saw the temperatures rise high enough to take our mittens and stocking caps off without getting frost-bite.  She's a crazy emotional lady, that Mother Nature, one day warm and sweet, the next day cold and prickly. {Sigh}  I'm afraid to pack away the winter coats, just in case next week brings a blizzard.

I know, I'm being such a Debbie-Downer. {Chin up.} There are vestiges of hope around here....hope that all of those calendar rumors of it officially being spring might be true after all...
---- 1. ----
Spring calving season.  Mamas and their babies.  One of our favorite sites on the farm.
---  2.  ---
 The birds beat the alarm, waking me up with their cheerful songs.  My son, Ben, snapped this pic!
--- 3. --- 
We are attempting to start most of our garden plants and flowers from seed this year.  And, so far, seeds and soil are working together just right!
--- 4. ---
 The spring cleaning giant within me has awakened! Everything needs to be organized, sanitized and shine-itized.  Yesterday, I found these awesome containers at Staples, and with my rewards coupon, they were surprisingly affordable.  I love them because they are super-sturdy and the lids sit high, allowing room for taller objects like bottles of supplements and medicine inside.  Another bonus: they stack neatly and come in an amazing variety of sizes and colors!
--- 5 ---
Perennials around the yard are waking up!! Have I told you now hard it is to grow anything out here in our sandy soil, and the hot, dry climate??  To see green is to see a miracle!!
This sweet little carrot top decided to sprout on it's own from last-year's seed.  That's what I love, a little DIY, self-motivated, take charge initiative.....if only my children were like carrots in their rooms. 
--- 6. ---
 My lover pulled the smoker/grill out of the garage.  I'm bursting with curiosity.  Is he going to clean it? Is he trying to tell me he's tired of salmon and quinoa?? Is there a 9 lb. slab of ribs in the freezer that I don't know about?? Does he just need more garage space to build my chicken coop??....
--- 7. ---
Speaking of chicken coop....we are getting sooooo close!! Saturday the boys will get their hammers swinging with dad, and I will provide motivational support with compliments that involve muscles and brilliance topped off with some applause and snacks.  Exterior siding and windows are essentially what is left.  I'm so excited!!  My little layers have no idea what's in store for them!

May it be a {warm} and beautiful one!!


  1. Cannot wait to see how the coop turns out! We are growing many plants from seed this year too. I left them out lastnight and it was cold . . . I hope they will be ok!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Isn't it fun to start your own seed? My kids are having such a blast with it! (Works great as school lesson, too!)

  2. Hah! Love that second take with your compliments and treats. Hilarious :)

    1. You know that men need special encouragement when working - it helps their speed a bit. ;)

  3. It makes me happy when you call your husband your lover. It's so good to see women who love and cherish their husbands.
    We tried our hand at starting seeds in the house twice. We learned that our house is too cold to do such a thing. Sitting here covered in two blankets, I totally could have called that one. :) Good luck with yours!

  4. I love looking at those sweet little calves out in the pasture!


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