Monday, January 28, 2013

Every Kid Wears Smarty Pants ~ My Interview With Bri the Bunny Expert

Last week I got to spend some seriously sweet time with my niece Brianna and my nephew Ethan.  They know that if they are in the same room with me they are either:
1. Going to get hugged (like a thousand times) or
2. Going to get asked a lot of questions, because I want to have a great relationship with them, and also because I'm nosey, but mostly because I love them.  What??

One thing I love, love, love about kids is how incredibly smart they are!! Seriously, if they ever knew that they are so much smarter than most adults, our gig would be over!  My boys can rattle off so many facts about Star Wars Lego mini-figures in one breath that they could probably become a You Tube sensation.  Our little facticians are also pretty impressive when it comes to guns, sports starts, Egyptian mummies, slimy things and tractors. No need for me to Google those topics (why on God's green earth I would ever need to it's hard to say). Having an unlimited source of information on testosterone topics is just one of the fabulous benefits of giving birth to five boys.

I'm always asking them, "How did you know that?" or "Where did you get all of that information?"  And, when they ask me, "Did you know that, mom?"  The answer is always, "Yes honey, I just wanted to hear all about it from you!" Love that one...but it only has approximately 0.375 years of fooling left in it.
She is so stinkin' adorable! Check out the white coat. It really makes her look bossy.
 I need one to wear around here - you know, to help with my bossiness.

So, what's the point?? Oh, yes, remember how I was talking about how smart kids are?? Well, my niece, Brianna is a super smarty-pants. One of her areas of expertise is animals.  She gets her passion for animals from her beautiful mother, and it's really neat how both kids enjoy animals and are happy to share their knowledge with others (Ethan is an expert on chickens - that will be another blog!).
Snuggle bunnies wobbled around on the carpet and eventually huddled together for some comfort.

Last year, Bri entered her Himalayan rabbits in the county fair and won Grand Champion for showmanship. This winter, she decided to take on the task of breeding her female rabbit, Bella.  Well, it seems as though Daddy John and Mommy Bella get along just fine, because now they have a little family! Because Bri has become a true expert on rabbits, I asked her if she would agree to an interview for the blog, and to my delight she agreed!! (This was a great lesson for the boys, since all they know about rabbits is how to hunt them. Nauseous? Sorry. Outraged? Also, sorry. In disbelief? Explanation here...After a 15 minute Q and A session, this is what I learned:

Why did you begin a rabbit project for 4-H?
Rabbits are cute.  That's what interested me.

What breed are your rabbits?
Well, you know that this isn't my first year at this right? (Pardon Moi!) Last year I showed the Polish breed, but this year I decided to show Himalayans, because they are smaller, more docile and easier to hold which is better for showing at the fair. 

Bri holding the proud and docile papa, Mr. John.

What do you feed John and Bella?
They like lettuce, the bunny food we get at the farm store and these things called Yogis.  They are like carrot flavored treats.

Can I eat them? You know I like veggies and I like yogurt too!
{Giggles} Gross, Aunt Sue!

What is the best part of caring for your rabbits?
I really like to groom them.
Why did you decided to get into breeding?
I thought it would be fun to learn about the baby bunnies and to sell them to kids in loving homes so that they can see how much fun they are!

In this photo, the babies are just shy of two weeks.  Aren't their feet adorable?? 
Can you say Thumper??

How many babies were in Bella's litter?
She had 6 babies.

Those ears, oh my, those ears.
Is that the most she could have?
No, she could have up to 12 in one litter!
This is where the babies sleep.  Mama Bella feeds them just once a day. Talk about a dream job - ha!

What are the proper terms to use when talking about rabbits being male or female?
A male is called a buck, a female is a doe, a baby is a kit and a litter of bunnies is called kits.

Would you share how you learned to show your rabbits at the fair?
I went to a few club meetings where they teach showmanship techniques - how to handle the rabbit, how to place it to be judged and also how to groom the rabbit.

Are you just judged on showmanship?
No, we are also judged on composition, which is the health and vitality of the rabbit.
Bri and her wall of fame.  She really is very humble and modest - until I break out the camera, then she's a total celebrity! I love it!!

Do you get nervous before your judges interview?

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is thinking about buying a rabbit?
I would tell them to get a boy first, and not a girl, because boys are more calm and they are easier to handle. (Okay, we better fact-check that one, just in case any bunny-feminists should comment.)
Benedict is smitten! 


  1. How cute!!! My sister rescued 2 rabbits when we were kids but didn't know if they were boys or girls. We didn't know until we had babies that they were a male AND female.
    Great interview and super cute pictures!

  2. What a great story, Mary! I love that you rescued them - what a neat memory!

  3. I've never seen baby bunnies that young. So stinkin' cute! Wonderful interview. She is a smart, beautiful girl. Can't wait to read the chicken interview with your nephew!

  4. Awww, they look so cute I’d like to see pictures of them after they have fully grown fur on them.

  5. This is Green Eggs & Goats following you back! Yep, we homeschool too! Love it! Your blog looks great, I can't wait to read more!

  6. I've never seen a young baby bunny. So smelly 'cute! Wonderful interview. She's smart, she is a beautiful girl. Can not wait to read the interview with my nephew chicken!

  7. Rabbits looks really cute.. I wish if I could have one..

  8. I love that cat, I have a yellow colour cat like this. He is so heavy and has a big tummy.


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