Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes ~ Glass Half-Full

Most weeks you take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad, yada - yada - yada.  But, some weeks it's so easy to get stuck in the muck, that it seems nearly impossible to recognize the good that's taken place....until you go looking for it.  That's my story for this week - it seems that there has been heaps and piles of not so fun stuff (besides the laundry), I'm talkin' 'bout real dog-house days with an abundance of moaning and groaning on the side just to make sure that everyone is miserable.  Now that it's Friday, I've decided to lead us out of the darkness and into the light with the "glass half full" march. It's time to turn the beat around right here, right now.  And, the best way to get things to start looking up is to change our open our eyes to the good and to be grateful.  Here's my glass-half-full week:

1.  Hearing my boys laugh is some good medicine.  Sunday I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to visit my sister-in-law and her family.  On the way, the boys and I took turns telling funny stories that we remembered about each other.  Nothing like a little family there to applaud all of your goofiness! Then we played "Catechesis for Candy" (I ask them questions about their faith, the scriptures, etc. and if they answer correctly they get a piece of candy.)  They did awesome! And, it opened up a great deal of positive discussion about living our faith in the world today.
Thank you, Beauty for Ashes, for this little truth!
2.  Any time I get to sit down with my sister-in-law and share some laughter and tears over a good glass of wine, it is a blessing.  She is one of the greatest gifts in my life.  Mostly because she shares her wine.  Just kidding! :)
3.  I got to smother my adorable niece and nephew with hugs and questions.  I'm a bit of a question addict.  I think I would have made either a great lawyer or reporter.  Did you order the code red??? Anyhoo....Ethan and Bri are super patient with me and kindly keep their eye-rolling and sighs to a minimum.  Brianna is a bunny expert, and I loved interviewing and photographing her for Monday's post.  She's a natural celebrity. {{Giggles}}
Hootie and the Blowfish ~ Time
4.  The kids were so exhausted on the way home from Wichita that they passed out into limp lumps of snores and drools. In order to stay awake on the drive, I did what any mom in my situation would do - I busted out my stash of old cd's from the B.C. days (before children) and I rock, rock, rocked all the way home.  Thank you Hootie and the Blowfish and Mariah Carey for making it possible.
5.  Stella and Rose were here to greet us when we arrived home.  (I always let out a little sigh of relief when I see that they're alive and well after we've been gone.) They really are such a bright spot in our lives, and always love us, no matter how barfy or tired or grouchy or hormonal or slighted or pathetic we feel.  That's real love, man.  Even if it is puppy love.
6.  The checker at the grocery store last night did not ask me if I was having a party (that's usually their first assumption when they see massive amounts of food heaped up so high it's sliding out of the cart.  She also did not ask me if all of the children were mine, if I run a day-care, if I know how this happened, or if I plan to have more.  She pretty much just scanned the food while I tried not to stare at her strange facial piercings.  She stood on her side, and I stood on mine and we just kept our "she's weird" thoughts to ourselves.  It was nice.
7.  I did it.  I waved good-bye to the locks and am now sporting a fun fresh do.  I will probably end up growing it out, just 'cause I kind of like long hair, but for now I'm really diggin' it.  And, the boys don't mind it either.  When I walked in the door yesterday, they shared their analysis of the new situation:
#1: Well, I don't hate it like I thought I would. (Please, tell me what you really  think.)
#2: You look 20 years younger. (Did I look that old?)
#3: Mom, who cares about hair? Can't you see I'm trying to play a game here??
#4: You never get your hair cut, so it will be long again soon anyway.
#5: Wowzers. (Hubby)

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
Glass half-full!! 


  1. You look stunning my dearest Susan!

  2. You always look gorgeous but this is very chic, mama! Love the comments from all your boys:) ~ Erin F.

  3. We've had one of those weeks, too. Looking for the positives is a great way to change things up. #6 cracked me up. And your hair looks fabulous!

  4. Knockout, I tell ya. Love the new 'do!

  5. Love your hair! You look like you are 20 years old!

  6. you are rocking babe....I love the positive post.. I actually say the glass is full...1/2 water and 1/2 air...saw that on pinterst and LOVED IT...


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