Monday, July 23, 2012

A Prayer for Our Friends in Colorado

Every day, for the past few weeks, the people of Colorado have been on my heart.  Between the fires and last week's devastating shooting, I wonder how much longer they can bear the weight of such heavy crosses. 
The mystery of suffering is terribly profound.  I remember a wise priest telling me once that God, in his Wisdom and Love, has given each one of us the freedom to choose, a free will. After His Son, Jesus, it is the greatest gift He has given to us.  The individual who made the decision to inflict the movie patrons with suffering and death had the freedom to make that choice.  The heart cries out, "Where are you, Lord? Why is this happening?" His greatest response is through us, you and me. When exercise our own free will in a way that chooses a response of  love, support, help and prayer for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in any way, our choice is far more strong and effective than that of the one who sought suffering and death for others. 

I found this prayer online for those who are enduring suffering of any kind.  And, I am going to be praying it this week for all of the people in Colorado who have been affected by the tragedy of the fires and the shootings.  I cannot leave my family to go and help with my hands, but I can help with my heart, through prayer - prayers for strength, healing and a renewed hope in the promises of Christ.  Will you join me?

For those who suffer, and those who cry this night, give them repose, Lord; A pause in their burdens. Let there be minutes where they experience peace, joy, hope and love. Love them, Lord, when others cannot. Hold them, Lord, when we fail with human arms. Hear their prayers and give them the ability to hear You back in whatever language they best understand. AMEN.

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