Monday, January 4, 2016

Five Days Better Late Than Never - Husband Family Highlights of 2015

I am in complete denial that my children's educational careers will resume tomorrow.  The Loony Tunes band-aid we've all been wearing for the past two weeks to cover up the painful reality of commitment to organization, early bedtimes, and serious brain activity is going to hurt just a tad when it gets ripped off with the 6 a.m. alarm.

But, onward we trod.

Most of of you are probably already into the swing of the new year, maybe even planning your snacks and crafts for Valentine's Day, but I kinda still have my heels in 2015.  I had solid intentions to write a Christmas letter this year, but alas the intention never materialized.

I could probably blame the lack of sentimental expression on the ridiculous amount of time it took me to untie the toddler, who was captured and tied to the Christmas tree, or the mountain of cereal bowls that perpetually pile up at the kitchen sink, but truth be told, it didn't get done, because the one and only time I had to sit down and write the letter also happened to be the exact moment that the house was (almost) quiet, which resulted in mommy *accidentally* falling asleep on top of the laundry that I was contemplating folding.

So, really, if we want to point fingers in blame, point 'em to our 21 week old baby who makes me really, really tired.

If the baby happens to be a girl, Perpetua Fatiguia would be most fitting.  If it's a boy, Maximus Exhaustius.
Anyway, for all y'all who can't get enough of a good Christmas letter, and for myself, who often needs to be reminded that life is indeed about more than laundry and keeping the pantry stocked, this reel of 2015 highlights is for us!

{Click on the countdown titles for more on the stories.}

Husband Family - Best of 2015

This boy is living a whole new life, thanks to an incredible surgeon at Denver Children's Hospital. He is more energetic, able to focus in school, and more cheerful all around (yay!).  Never, ever take for granted the gift of being able to breathe, because it is just that - a gift.

Okay, so this may not be something most people would consider a highlight to their year, but it's something I don't ever want to forget, because it taught me some pretty valuable lessons, a few of them being that people are good (really), nothing in this world is really ours anyway, and back your stuff up.

Sometimes a mama just needs to sneak away for a weekend.  And, on that weekend, make new friends, wear some crazy shoes, relax, laugh, think, pray, and be told by the kindest hearts that she really isn't failing at this whole motherhood thing (even though she may feel like it). 

There's a little reason why farmers don't vacation during the summer, and it's called feeding the world. So we make the most of the little get-aways here and there throughout the rest of the year. Going to the lake over labor day with family is becoming an annual favorite!

One of the personal goals I set for myself last year was to run a marathon in 2015.  Chicago has been on my bucket list since college, and since I would turn 40 the same month as the race I thought it would be a fitting way to celebrate the ushering in of a new decade!  

6.  A Surprise Visit From Switzerland
Our entire family was blessed with a tremendous surprise last fall when my sister, Sara, called us and told us that she was coming for a visit with her eldest daughter, Elisabeth.  We had a wonderful time relaxing, visiting, eating, sipping on wine, and watching the boys delight in Elisabeth's presence, loving her like a sister.  Living with an ocean between us never ceases to be difficult, but it sure does make the time that we are able to spend together a precious gift.

And Another Son Flies the Homeschool Nest
We said from the first day we jumped into homeschooling that we would take it one day at a time, one child at a time.  That philosophy was really put to the test a couple of years ago when we made a prayerful decision to send Benedict to Catholic school.  It has proven to be a very fruitful decision, as he is flourishing in so many beautiful ways.  I'm still trying to wrap my heart and mind around the reality that he's a Freshman this year! His younger brother, Andrew, is following in footsteps, and so far is enjoying the journey very much.

Mid May-ish our family will welcome a new little Husband.  While this precious life has come as a bit of a surprise to us (a future post for sure), we don't doubt for a moment God's goodness, His graciousness, nor His perfect plan for our family.  We do doubt, however, whether these walls can hold us all in for much longer.  House hunting is in full force!

9.  We Like Big Vans and We Cannot Lie!
And...eight plus one means we've officially outgrown the suburban.  After discussing the pros and cons of all three van choices available to large families, we settled on the Nissan NV.  Master Deal Tracker Daddy found our party wagon clear out in West Virginia. Thank you, Craigslist! 

10.  Quoteworthiness
Charlie (age 4):
Do you know what this is, Mom? 
It's an axe (read: "ask")! I made it for you to put in your tool box! 
You can use it to chop up things, or kill spiders or snakes, but probably not bears, 
bears would not be scared of this (ask) axe.

If our boys aren't eating, playing sports or pranks on each other, they're usually telling stories, and from those stories come the funniest quotes.  I like to share many of the funny things they say on my Facebook page, because who doesn't love a little boyhood humor?

Finally, thank you for visiting our family here at our little spot on the web.  I know that the frequency of my posts continues to diminish as I am meeting the more important callings of family life, but I want you to know how dearly I value your questions, kind responses, and generous love toward our family.  (A list of this year's top stories below!)

Here's to a New Year, my friends!


  1. I love you, Susan, and I loved living your year again in photos. I'm so grateful to have spent some actual "real life" time with you in 2015. May the year of 2016 be as kind. You have a beautiful year ahead! Mwah!

  2. I'm just about to wrap up 2015 on my blog. I still would love to know how you finished a marathon while pregnant and will there be a post on the van decision/story? I really enjoy reading your blog!

  3. These are fabulous! I woke up thinking about your boys "wedgie proof footie pjs" and almost laughed audibly but didn't want to wake Mike (is that weird? Yes I know it is a little). Your family is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for sharing your family and stories with us! We took the plunge and got the same can this year. I am due in May as well, though you are clearly rocking the seventh pregnancy, while I can't get of out the bed:) STILL. I love boy stories! They are so special.

  5. Awww, love this! I used to work in the PICU at Denver Children's when we lived in Colorado! Love that hospital, he was in great hands!


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