Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Food, Family, Fun & Fashion ~ My Picks for This Year's Football Season

Happy September everyone!  I absolutely love this time of year for so many reasons, one of them being that it's football season! As we were walking out of church on Sunday, George closed his eyes, took a deep breath of the evening air, and said to me,

"Do you know what that is, Mom? That's the smell of football season!"

I thought it was pizza and beer, but whatever.

Actually, all of the boys have heard me say those exact words so many times, that I'm pretty sure they'll say the same thing to their kids one day.  Benedict plays in his first freshman game on Thursday, our favorite college team kicks off their season this weekend, and next weekend Andrew's football team takes the field.  I. am. pumped.
This photo and quote is from a few years back, but it truly speaks of our family's love for the game and for each other, and it's one of my favorites!

{Over the years I've received quite a few messages asking about youth sports and how our family manages all of that.  This page is probably due for some fresh thoughts on the topic, but for now you can check out what I've already shared here, here, and here. }

For the kids, football season is all about the game, stats, highlights, chest bumps, grunting, and food. For the football mom, it's much simpler: family, food, fashion, and fun.

A couple of years ago, I started browsing Pinterest for recipes and realistically achievable ideas that will really make the season special. And, every September, I look forward to adding new finds to the list. {Check out my "Game Day" board for more goodies!}

Here are my top picks for this year :
(all links conveniently compiled at the end of the post)
This is a one pan wonder.  Can you go wrong with ooey-gooey hot ham and cheese?
Okay, so this isn't a typical game day recipe, but don't these wraps look yummy? I'm not sure if my boys will eat them, but that just means more for me!
Dips!! Need I say more?
Steve and I really are big fans of hot wings. I'm giving this slow-cooker version a try, hopefully it'll be a winner in my man's book!
Game day is not the same without your favorite brew iced up nice and cold. But sometimes it's nice to run the option play.This recipe is from Red Robin's summer beer menu, and it's quite tasty!
Spiked apple cider? Yes, please!
Ya gotta have a little something on the buffet for your half-time sweet tooth.
Bonus: These can be made days in advance, which is a nice game day time saver.
I'm so glad there are more creative people on this earth than me, because they come up with all of these fun ideas, and I get to enjoy them! Virtual hug to the one responsible for turning an ice cream sandwich into a post game masterpiece.
This website has so many fantastic ideas for custom shirts.  Both Ben and Andrew's team colors are green and gold, and they share the same number (their daddy's), so I've got this one on order in green with #24 on the helmet.
The chances of you seeing this beauty on my wrist this fall are about as promising as Tom Brady bringing an air pump to the game.  

And this, this is a game day outfit that you might find in my imaginary closet, and I would wear it to the imaginary game where my husband and I have imaginary box seats, only the sweater would be grey, the shirt purple check and the shoes black and grey leopard print.
These are my imaginary nails that go with my imaginary outfit above.

Got any game day goodies to share with me??
I'd love to hear about 'em!


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