Friday, December 19, 2014

A Snowman Named Phil, Good Reads, Goal Setting and Cocktails to the Rescue {7 QT Friday}

TGIF!! Steve and I are heading out the door with the gang for a day of Christmas shopping. Yes, we are crazy!  Even with homing devices attached, walkie-talkies fully charged and the diaper bag busting with baby stuff plus emergency melt down supplies (dum-dums and Smarties - Smarties are best for rationing) I'm 90% certain we'll still have to stop at the liqueur store on the way home. Before we venture out into the land of holiday delights, I thought I'd throw some 7 quick takes at ya:

- 1. -
We had a little snow spell here that lasted less than 24 hours, and the boys made the most of it.  It was that heavy, wet snow, perfect for rolling into snowballs and snowmen.  I posted Henry and George's creativity on Facebook yesterday:
So, this is Phil. Phil enjoys biking, gardening, collecting leaves, grooming his beard and eating at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers. 

- 2. -
Steve and I would like to personally thank those of you who have reached out to us with such great kindness over the past few days in response to the post I wrote sharing news of his struggle with Lyme disease.  Since we are fortunate to have caught his symptoms in the early stages, Steve's condition is, at present, not as severe as many patients who have been suffering from the disease for years.  He is bearing the load of the illness so courageously, rarely complaining and offering always every ounce of strength he has to serve the family and to be attentive to our children.  

To walk beside him in all of this is a privilege, and he inspires me daily.  I am amazed that Steve is still going to CrossFit.  Although he admits it's a struggle to be so much weaker and slower than he was a year ago, he continues to try because pushing through a workout bolsters his confidence and fighting spirit against the disease. I love that about him!

- 3. -
In light of #2, finding time to run has become more important than ever.  If you've been here before, you've heard me say time and time again that exercise for us ladies is the very best way to manage stress, our hormones, emotions and to stay strong so that we can better serve our family and community.  For the first time ever, I actually sat down and put together a tentative race calendar for 2015, which includes a few half marathons and one full marathon and of course a lot of little races here and there.  On a lighter note, I'm kind of loving the crazy running tights trend.  I actually threw on a fun pair yesterday, which resulted in confused expressions from the men in the house.  I enjoy confusion *wink.*

- 4. -
We decided to put up our tree a bit later than usual this year in hopes that it might inspire a deeper sense of anticipation in the boys, and I have to say that it truly has.  Each week of Advent, we've been adding ornaments to the Jesse tree, sprucing up the house, putting up lights outside, baking treats and doing everything except decorating the tree.  Steve and I love watching our kiddos dig through the box of ornaments in search of their favorites.  We get so tickled at how all of the ornaments seem to end up in one spot on the lopsided tree.  After the boys go to bed, we do a bit of rearranging, laughing over the recollection of the evening's events.

- 5. - 
Another tradition we enjoy during Advent is reading by the fire.  The boys have their stash of books, and Steve and I like to choose something that we read together each holiday season, too.  This year we're really diving into Dr. Scott Hahn's book, Joy to the World.  It is absolutely amazing.  But, aren't all of his books? When is that last time you read one of his works and thought to yourself, "Welp, that was pretty average." Exactly. I daydream of returning to the school days, of sitting in Dr. Hahn's classroom and absorbing all of the wisdom and truth he has to share, but since that's not likely to ever happen, reading his books is a pretty fine second.

- 6. -
Look who's six months already!! The rice cereal adventures have begun, which he loves. This new little snack has made Mr. Chubbikin's thighs even chubbier which is the best. thing. ever!

- 7. -
Next to my overflowing recipe board on Pinterest, the one that generates the most successful activity (and results *hee-hee*) is the cocktail board.  If you're looking for some super fun sippers for the holidays or a 911 to help you handle awkward family moments, you're welcome to check out my bag of tricks.  Of course, if you're an expert in this department, I would love for you to fill me in on one or all of your favorites in the comments!

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!! XO


  1. Your baby is just the cutest thing! And I love reading your blog because I agree, running & exercise keep me so sane as a mom to four. Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Shopping with the whole family?! I'm sure that a trip by the liquor store was required!!!
    I need to make sure I'm following you on Pinterest!!!

  3. #6 OH MY WORD WHEN DID HE GET SO BIG!???!! I want to squeeze him!
    And I'm pretty sure Santa is leaving a fancy cocktail shaker and bar tools set under the tree for moi so I'll be swinging over to your Pinterest board pronto.


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