Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Somebody 'Round Here Needs Some New Duds! - 5 Favorites For Joey

You know what I love about Wednesdays, besides the fact that it means we're halfway through the week? I love Five Favorites! FF is where I discover fresh new finds in every category of life from ways to organize your home and tail gate recipes to great books for kids and natural remedies for whatever ails you.

Last week I was sorting through a tote of hand-me-down clothing for Joseph (he's growing so fast!) and found that almost everything was either stained, faded or falling apart.  Time for some bargain hunting! Now that I've made my shopping list for our handsome fella, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite finds!
Football Beanie
{He's in that, "Hey! I found my fist!" phase. *love*}

Okay, so this is one hand-me-down that has actually survived the big brothers and made it all the way down to Joey! We're pretty big football fans here, and although I'm not sure where I snagged this cute little beanie, I'm glad I bought it! If you're on the hunt for one for your little tike, there's a lot of links on Pinterest.

Bibs from Whole Parenting Goods  
Now that Joey is teething (already.... oi, oi, oi) he's in 24/7 bib mode. If not for the bibs, he would literally bathe himself every day in drool. I love these bandit bibs from Whole Parenting Goods. They are so stinkin' cute (and so are her sweet babies)! If you haven't already found Nell's blog and Etsy shop, you are missin' out! I also have my eye on her blankets which are made with the love and the loveliest materials!

Mocs from Freshly Picked 
The minute I saw these sweet slippers on Shark Tank I added them to my baby wish list.  They're on a "wish-list" because, um, well, at $60 per pair we would have to eat beans for a week before I could cough up the cash to buy them. The abundance of colors (especially for girls) and patterns to choose from is delightful! Dream, dream!

Baby Boy Tie Body Suit from Antsy Pants
After you get over the yumminess of those adorably squishy legs, check out his shirt! I've bought two tops from this shop (one for St. Patty's day and one for Valentine's day) in the past and love them. They are so cute for every day, but are also great for church.  Throw on some khakis and some jazzy shoes (like those mocs!) and you're good to go!  

In our little community, Halloween is a pretty big deal.  The town is small enough that the kids can stroll about anywhere and everywhere to gather loot. I missed out last year because I was at home trying not to yak (first trimester fun). Since Steve and I will be out walking with the kids, I thought it would be fun to dress Joey up, too!

Do you have any favorite baby boy must-haves??
- Do tell! - 


  1. You are so sweet to have shared them! Mailed them off to your cutie today! XO

  2. Please get the onsie tie - that is the cutest thing ever!! And, then I saw the popcorn Halloween outfit - also a necessity!!! (I'm great at spending other people's money - and I was craving popcorn tonight - we have none and I'm not leaving the house again today so.....)

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  4. Oh my goodness! Everything is so adorable!
    If you do the Halloween costume please share!


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