Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!! 7 QT Friday

A very quick 7 QT Friday today, because there's cupcakes to bake, salads to make, crafts to create and drinks to partake!! Tonight we're heading over to Steve's parents for all the fun and festivities.  I've got 6 squirrely boys who absolutely cannot wait!

Happy Fourth of July from the "birth" day buddies!!  This is a shot from their 2 week photo session, which did not go a smoothly as I had hoped it would - squirming pups and  a fussy baby don't make for optimal footage.  But, despite all the wriggling and sleepy stretching, I did manage to capture a little bit o' sweetness!

Mmmmm....summer salads! I've had my eye on this roasted corn and avocado salad since last summer and thought today would be the perfect day to whip it up! Fresh, healthy and delish!

You guys probably already knew this, but Pinterest is a great place to find fun cocktail recipes. We made a red, white and blue sipper last year that was really yummy, but decided to go for something a little less sweet, but equally jazzy this year.  We'll be shaking it up with Hendricks gin - my favorite!

Firecracker cupcakes?? Yes, please! What makes these cupcakes so fun are the Pop Rocks and sprinkles combo on top of the frosting.  The cupcakes pictured here are made from scratch with a blueberry pie filling.  We simplified them *read* boxed cake mix, zero pie filling, canned frosting. All the glory goes to the Pop Rocks!

Fireworks. Lots of fireworks. "We're going to put on an awesome show for you, mom!" Sweet, I'll be front and center, fire extinguisher in hand.

I love a good military movie, so when one of our friends recommended that Steve and I watch the HBO series, Band of Brothers, I was all in.  I am up late at night doing the rocking, nursing, walking routine with Joseph, so it's a perfect time for mommy to be entertained. We are really enjoying it so far!

I really believe that every high school history class should be required to watch Saving Private Ryan and to read the book, When Hell Was in Session, Admiral Jeremiah Denton's account of his experience as a POW in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  If we don't know what has been sacrificed in order that our freedoms might be preserved, how can we truly appreciate them, uphold them, and fight for them when they are being compromised??

This book hit close to home for me since my dad is a Vietnam veteran.  I will never know or understand the depths or meaning of his experience of war.  But, I do know that I am eternally grateful for the patriotism and love for our nation that he has instilled in our family.

We owe our military, past and present, a huge debt of gratitude.  I think we them best by living in such a way that demonstrates a sincere patriotism: respecting and supporting our military, learning and knowing American history, teaching it to our children and being willing to contribute to our communities by helping others as generously as the armed services have contributed to our nation in such an exemplary fashion.



  1. Happy 4th to y'all!! Enjoy your celebration and family time.
    Love the picture of your "birth buddies!"

  2. Thanks for linking to my salad - hope you liked it! Happy 4th!
    - Westyn at

  3. Love that pic of your beautiful baby and adorable puppies!

  4. That summer salad looks so yummy! My Mom makes a good one with veggies, bean, and rice...I have heard about that book from several different folks lately; sounds really good!

  5. Pop rocks on 4th of July cupcakes- how fun! I only heard of Jeremiah Denton's story after his recent death, and, wow, what an intense and amazing story. I hope to read his book sometime!

    1. The book was a hard read. I'm still processing it. Reading it only made me love our military more - they are truly heroic.

  6. First of all, congrats on the new baby!! So adorable!! Looks like you had a great 4th of July and thanks to giving props to the military. I served in the Air Force and my husband is currently serving. We actually spent the 4th a the White House BBQ for the military put on by the USO. Only 1500 people got to go, it was quite an honor to be able to attend the 4th of July at the White House, I can't even explain it. We met the President and First Lady and my littlest guy's face was plastered all over the news with a photo that was taken by the press. It was truly an amazing day. Thank you to your dad for his military service!!

    1. What an honor to celebrate the 4th at the White House, Sue! Yes, I will pass the message on to my dad. We really love the military. I won't be surprised if one of my sons pursues a career in that direction. God bless you!

  7. What a sweet, sweet photo of the babies. So many blessings you have.


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