Tuesday, April 8, 2014

He Ain't No Gap Baby.....Charlie's Pajama Passion

For the longest time our little Charlie has had quite a very persistent preference for pajamas, especially the fleecy footie type.  I think it all started with these, back when he was about one:
Oh, those cheeks!!! We've all grown quite accustomed to jammies being the code of dress on a daily basis for him.  I realized a few days ago, as I was scrolling through pictures of him, that in almost every photo he's wearing jammies!

His older brothers should be so jealous.  If they only knew how I wiggled and tugged them in and out of my latest yard sale scores every single day, just so I could adore them in all their Gappyiness.  I was so in my 20's.

Five babies later, I've chilled, I've changed....baby #5 was the magic conversion number.
I confess to contributing to Moby's pajama passion (the boys' newest nickname for Charlie - Moby Dick - not sure how they came up with that one!).  Every time we go to Sam's Club I can't resist swinging by the tables piled high with all the colorful comfort.  For $6.98 it's an entire outfit, day or night.  Can you say bargain?? One glance at the options and Charlie's eyes glaze over in admiration. He's a portrait of me at a discount shoe rack.

Mea Culpa.

Domine Adiuva Me.
The goods in his grip don't stand a chance of being put back.

The biggest perk of having a pajama loving son is that jammies are easy to wash and easy to fold. Those one piece wonders infinitely reduce my time in the laundry room. Thanks to Moby, I actually have time to shave both legs on the day I can miraculously take that 3 minute shower.

Considering all the benefits, I think there's really no need to play fashion police here.  What's good for Charlie is also good for mama - no trying to matchy-match every single day.  It's one and done 'till tub time.
{I love you Rose, I love pajamas, I love everyone and everything!!}
Polar bears, moose, dinosaurs, bulldogs, Santa x2, monkeys, and construction trucks stuffed in the top of his dresser drawers take turns being pulled out by picky fingers.  He always knows exactly which one will win favor for the day.
Getting him to peel out of his pj's for any occasion - church, trips to town, or even just to go outside and play is a bit of a game of strategy, wrestling and sometimes bribery.
{Classy Moby}
The boys get so tickled when, after announcing that we're going to town, Charlie will run into his room, dig out a pair of shoes (it doesn't matter what kind - dress shoes, crocks, slippers, anything works), thinking shoes are a good enough "change-up" to go on our outings.
Yesterday, I left the back door open to let the fresh air in and minutes later found Charlie sneaking out across the yard into the garden to play....in his jammies of course.  
In Charlie's world, there's nothing that can be accomplished in jeans and t's that can't be accomplished in jammies:
{Afternoon refreshments}
{Do these bread pans make me look taller?}
{Scholarly pursuits.}
{Hammin' it up with my bros.}

 I can see it now.  Charlie will run for Student Council President, and this will be his one and only campain promise:


  1. LOVED this post. My smile was a mile wide all the way through.

    I wish my boys could have worn footed jammies forever. They eventually wanted the footless kind, but they preferred their jammie shirts with just a dipey or Mickey Mouse undies. So their motto would have been, "No pants, all day." For them, getting on a pair of shorts or slacks was "dressing up"!

    This post brought back some great memories of little blond cuties who looked an awful lot like this little guy of yours. Thanks for the trip down the old well-worn lane. :)

  2. My word, that boy is so stinkin' cute! The Jammie's only enhance the look. Good thing you ate having another baby. Charlie looks less and less like one with every post!

  3. HaHa - love it!! I'm right there with him (sub yoga pants and fleece shirt) - all day every day!!!


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