Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Family Funnies, Fabulous Photos & A Few Favorites

Woo-Hoo Friday is here!! I realized this morning as I was shipping our oldest son, Ben, off to school that the real reason I love Fridays is that I know that for the next two days, our children will not be shuttled in different directions.  Life continues to be busy, but we experience the crazy together as a family, over the weekend, and I really love that precious time!

Here's my short and sweet 7 Quick Takes for the week.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

1. Side Splitters
My friend, Stacey, has a great sense of humor, and I can't resist sharing this little bit of hilarity that she shared on Facebook this week.  If you have had 2+ babies or are currently expecting, you may want to take a trip to the loo before watching.  You've been warned!!

2.  Baby Makes Eight!!
In case you missed it earlier this week, Steve and I announced that we are expecting our 6th little wonder in June.  We are over the moon, and of course the boys are loving all of the baby talk too - only because they are assuming we're having another boy.  Wouldn't it be nice to surprise them??!!

3.  If It Works For Chickens, It Works For Me (He Says)
This morning while I was trying to select the least nauseating breakfast, Steve came in to the kitchen and asked me to hold out my hands. Then, he proceeded to dangle a metal washer attached to a string above my hands.  
"What in the world are you doing??" I inquired.  
"I'm trying to find out if we're having a boy or a girl." 
WHAT??? "
"Yeah, one of my buddies told me yesterday that this is how he figures out the sex of their chickens."
Oh, good gravy.

I realized at that moment that our decision to let the sex of the baby be a surprise at birth is completely unrealistic.  Holding out until June is just too much for my guy.  And, even if his will power is super strong on the day of the sonogram, I'm still going to have to put up with these chicken tricks for the next 6 months.  Sheesh.

4.  Say NO to Auto
Four years ago, I took the plunge and bought a really nice camera, and ever since then it's been baby steps learning to be brave enough to wean my lazy self off of the auto settings.  I have found many great tips and tutorials on several photography blogs, but I'm really looking forward to learning from this workshop hosted by Capturing Joy with Kristin Duke. You can purchase it in PDF form or Video form at a reduced price until December 2nd. A big thanks to my friend, Kathryn, at Team Whitaker for sharing!

5.  A Peek Inside Our Christmas Book Basket & 
Giveaway on Monday!
Advent is just around the corner, which means I can't wait to share my list of our favorite family books that we will be reading throughout the Advent and Christmas Season.  Be sure to stop by on Monday to see my favorite picks and to sign up for my giveaway.  Three lucky winners will get to select a book of their choice from the list!

6.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

What I wish my laundry life looked like:
Reality (sans dress):
Many of my friends have been posting on Facebook one thing that they are thankful for every day of November.  I'm kind of a fair-weather Facebooker, so I thought I'd share just one little big thing I'm truly grateful for today, and that's my Samsung washer and dryer.  Folks, I'm telling you, e-ve-ry time I throw a load in, I think about how much I love my man, who bought the set for me when we moved. The amount of clothes this baby will wash in one load is so mesmerizing it's down right life-changing. After three months of constant use, I'm still in awe! The settings and features are super specific, but all very simple to navigate.  The best part?? Our clothes get clean-clean - really nice, soft, lovely, happy clean!!  I LOVE it when appliances deliver!! Thank you, honey xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo!  

7.  Kitchen Incarceration
Sunday after Mass, we all ran in the house and did our usual 10 second peel out of the dress clothes and into the sweats routine.  I realized after a few minutes of being home, that I didn't know where Charlie was.  We all started calling out for him, and running through the house looking for our little guy.  This is where we found him:
 Sitting, pitifully, quiet as a mouse underneath our kitchen bar stools.
Upon our discovery, the boys were instantly reduced to side stitching giggles.  "Oh, no, Charlie is in jail! Poor, poor Charlie ! Did you put him in time-out, Mom??" Sure, blame me.
I wonder what made him decide to crawl inside of there? Perhaps he was simply curious, or he suddenly realized that it was the perfect quiet space to sit and think.  Children are so beautifully intriguing, thoughtful, imaginative, dreamy, silly and pure.  We welcome all the more of those delights in June!


  1. The part about getting zippers done up is just too close to real life!!! So hilarious.

    1. You are so right!! Watching him act out how I feel on a daily basis was just too funny!!

  2. That photo of Charlie in the bar stool is adorable. What is about kids and tight places? I have a kid that loves to go into cabinets and hide...he just loves being inside the cabinet.

  3. HaHa - your husband is funny with the chicken trick!!!
    And, that picture of Charlie under the bar-stool is so cute!

  4. Congratulations on baby #6!!!!! How wonderful!

  5. Susan! I missed the announcement! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Prayers for a healthy baby and mom. Love to you all!

  6. Missed it earlier, but super mega congrats!

  7. Good grief, I just realized when I came to read today's post (Monday) that I never finished this one. I watched the video and got sidetracked.
    It is wonderful how digital photography just opened the world of photography to everyone who wants to learn. Instantly seeing the photo you just took, then being able to make adjustments and take it again is an invaluable tool. Imagine learning how to do all this with film! (Which I did when I took a class on developing many a year ago.) Have fun with that class!

    We will be getting a new washer and dryer in December, so I'm thrilled to hear you love your Samsung. Our kitchen appliances are made by them, so I was hoping their washers were just as good.

    Aw, cute Charlie.


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