Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LIttle Delights for Droopy Days ~ Five Favorites

Happy Wednesday, friends! Here's my 5 (fast) favorites for today! 
Thanks, Jenny, for hosting this week!

 For my tired heart....
1.  Charming Charlie
This entire house is smitten with Charlie these days. I keep waiting for those "terrible twos" to creep in and kidnap all of the cuteness, but so far, nothing.  "Oh, Fank you, Mama!" and "Pease, Mom?" in the sweetest little voice never gets old.  He can pull me out of a funk fast with his sweetness (and the pink sparkle slippers?? Robbed right off my feet!)!

The other night Steve was noshing on some steak and taters that he had brought home from our date night last Saturday. Leftover steak? I's a rarity. Because, Lord knows if you can't finish your din-din, I am always ready to lend a fork. But, this place we dined at serves up elephant size portions, so neither one of us could polish our plates. Steve was enjoying the leftovers, Charlie shimmied up to the table to mooch a couple bites. Daddy thought it would be funny to teach him to say filet mignon (please pardon the mouth full).  We've been giggling over it every day this week!

For my tired hair....

2.  John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo
{Hello. You had me at luxurious.}
Since the texture of my hair is very fine, without great volumizing products, my mane is flatter than a pancake. Paying big bucks for the fancy brands burns a hole in my budget, so I am happy to have found this little wonder. I use the shampoo & conditioner as a set, and they give my hair the perfect amount of poof.  Another bonus: it makes your hair super soft.

For my tired feet...
3.  Yoga Toes
Supper time and story time with the boys are, for me, sacred time to SIT.  In fact, I'm standing and typing right now, because I know if I try to park it, someone will fall down the stairs or the doorbell will ring, so why bother, right? Yoga Toes are awesome if you are on your feet all day, especially if you wear heels of any kind.  They're also awesome for long distance runners. I wear them for 15-20 minutes at night while I read or chat with my lover (wildly attractive, I know), and my feet feel amazing afterwards!

For my tired tastebuds...
4.  Pioneer Woman's Beef with Snow Peas
Do you ever get in a rut with cooking?? With 72 cookbooks and a Pinterest page full of recipes, you would think my family would be overwhelmed with vittle variety, but, sadly I'm a repeater. There are times, thought, when I walk the wild side of the kitchen and whip up something new. When I want a really good recipe that's easy to prepare and I know my family will eat it, I head over to the Pioneer Woman for the answers to my ambition.  Her beef with snow peas recipe has now entered the repeat list.  It's that good!

For my tired soul..
5.  Watermark on Pandora
We've got a nice little collection of musical numbers on the Mac, and while I love listening to all of it, most days, I just want to hear the words that will help keep me on track with life.  A few weeks ago, I met a truly awesome woman, who texted me this song from Watermark.  I hadn't listened to Watermark for years, and am now back in the groove.  Plug it in on Pandora and it makes your ora et labora life a little less labora

Have a great day!! 


  1. I love that recipe but I forgot about it! Thanks fr the reminder!!!

    1. No problem! I think I could eat it once a week, it's so good!

  2. Love that song! Thank you for introducing.

    1. It's on repeat every day around here. My boys even love it!

  3. Some great things here today - Pioneer Woman always has great recipes.
    I need to check into those yoga toes - sounds awesome!!

    1. You HAVE to try the yoga toes - they are amazing! I started having some foot pain during marathon training, and these helped tremendously!

  4. What a cute photo of Charlie! For some reason, the video won't work for me. Regardless, I think I'll teach our youngest to say filet mignon tomorrow. :)
    Yoga toes?? Really??

    1. Thanks for letting me know that the video didn't work - I'll see if I can fix it!

    2. It worked! thanks. That Charlie is adorable!

  5. CHARLIE!! What a cutie patootie ;) Such a sweet family you have :)

  6. Goodness he's adorable! I never get tired of how adorably they mispronounce things :)

  7. Thanks for the Watermark song--I needed that. This is my first visit to your blog (I think--Mommy brain is really dragging me down right now) and I have thoroughly enjoyed clicking around instead of doing the dishes or rebooting the laundry. Have a great week!


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