Yay, you found us! 
Welcome to Sole Searching Mama!
Considering the fact that there's almost as many blogs in this world as there are snack wrappers and dirty socks laying around this house (BOYS!), I think it's pretty amazing that you have chosen to read this one!

Sole Searching Mama is kinda like a casserole.  It's filled with a bunch of good stuff, then spiced up with crazy stories and honest opinions, stirred by the unexpected and often random events of life, and probably charred a bit around the edges by the burners of struggle. But, it's always served with heaps of love, a side of faith, and we hope that it leaves you feeling a sense of comradery.

Some people have asked me over the years if "Sole" is a typo, if I really meant to say "Soul Searching Mama." It seems that my clever play on words wasn't as clever as I thought! With eight boys spinning my world around, I have found that nothing replenishes my heart and mind quite like running (but wine is a close second, very close). When I'm out on the country roads logging the miles, most of my light bulb moments, whether they be reflective, creative, or spiritual, end up right here, and that's how Sole Searching Mama came to be!  

If you love Jesus and you like running, homeschooling, boys, boys, and more boys and also random acts of wine pouring and carb overloading, you've come to the right place.  If you don't like any of those things, then you're probably here by accident and I hope you find what you're really looking for!